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Bassenthwaite Triathlon 2017 Race Day Notes


The 2017 Bassenthwaite Triathlon (Bass Tri) will be the sole collaboration between Tri-Lakeland Triathlon Club and Bassenthwaite Sailing Club. Thanks again to Bassenthwaite Sailing Club for allowing us to use this fantastic venue once again.  

It is the aim of Tri-Lakeland and Bassenthwaite Sailing Club to host a friendly, safe and high quality event that welcomes both competitors new to triathlon and those seasoned to competitive triathlon.



10:00 Registration Opens (Inside Sailing Club)

10:00 Transition Opens

11:00 Marshal Briefing (Inside Sailing Club)

12:00 Registration Closes

12:15 Transition Closes

12:30 Race Briefing (Outside in front of Sailing Club)

13:00 Short Course Start (Both Long and Short Course competitors to start area )

Long Course starts as soon as Short Course swim completes outward leg (approx. 13:10- 13:15 minutes) 

15:00 Short Course Presentation (In the club house)

16:00 Long Course Presentation (In the club house)


Just to confirm, we don’t send anything out prior to the race, you will pick up your number, swim hat, timing chip, and anything else you’ll need at registration.  

Race number, swim hat and timing chip collection will be at the Bassenthwaite Sailing Club, Bassenthwaite Lake, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9YD

Saturday Registration will be available from 10.00 am until 12 noon. Get there as early as possible to ensure you have plenty of time to get signed in and set up. We can also sort any issues with entries at registration to make sure you have a great race.


It is a requirement of the British Triathlon Federation that all competitors must have their BTF Membership cards to show at registration. If you are not a member or cannot produce your card, then you will have paid for a race day license when you entered. 


Bassenthwaite Sailing Club, Bassenthwaite Lake, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9YD and follow the signage to registration. There is to be no parking on the roads around the sailing club or outside of local residents’ houses.


Report to registration as soon as you arrive on site.  You will collect your race pack containing the following items and then proceed to collect your timing chip. 

         1 Swim hat.                          

         One race number which you will attach to your RACE BELT (your number is to be displayed rearwards during the cycle and on your front during the run.           

         One sticky label for your bike (this must match your race number to remove your bike from transition after the race)

Rack your bike in your number slot along with your cycling and running equipment in the transition area. Please ensure ALL plastic boxes are removed from the transition area by 11:50, we are aiming to keep the transition area as clean and tidy as possible to help you have a great race.

It is your responsibility to rack your bike correctly and also considerately for your fellow competitors. Marshals will be on hand if you need any help or guidance. 

The Race Briefing will be in or very near to the transition area at 12:30pm, 30minutes prior to start time. 


Please ensure your wetsuit has been washed prior to arrival and remember you must wash it before you leave the site. This is to protect the lake from invasive plant species and to protect other water lakes from the invasive species present in Bassenthwaite Lake.

These are the conditions of the race being authorised by the National Parks Authority so we would appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the bio security of the lake.  


For multisport events we use an ankle-mounted tag that comes with either a Tyvek or neoprene and Velcro strap to secure it. The tag should be fitted onto the strap and then secured around the left ankle. We recommend the left ankle is always used because this eliminates any risk of the strap being caught in the chain of your bicycle - it has nothing to do with timing system performance.

Always wear the tag on the outside of your leg, not inside where it will bang on the pedal crank and annoy you or behind where it will probably rub on your heel.

Always fit the timing strap and tag before putting on a wetsuit - if you put the strap over the wetsuit you effectively tie the suit onto your leg and transition will become a major struggle!

NEVER wear the tag around your wrist, the timing mats and antenna are down at ground level, not a metre or so up in the air.

Multisport chips and straps MUST be returned after you finish a race - they are expensive and organisers will typically bill you between £5 and £35 for any lost tags and straps. 


The first swim for the short distance triathlon will begin with a deep-water start at 13:00, followed by the second wave for the standard distance triathlon at 13:10.

The water temperature is holding around 18°C in the bays but is a degree or two cooler in the centre channel where you will be swimming so wetsuits are compulsory.


After exiting transition push your bike to the mount line. Only mount your bicycle when you get to the mount line on the road and when safe to do so.  The cycle route is fully way marked, with marshals positioned at strategic junctions. 

This is a non-drafting race therefore time penalties will be awarded for drafting so make sure you are aware of the rules prior to the race.

If you have not already done so it is worth viewing the bike course videos on our event website.

Marshals are not allowed to stop the traffic so pay attention when exiting at junctions. All roads are open to the general public so follow the Highway Code. When returning to transition from the cycle route, dismount at the dismount line and push your bike back into transition.

Your helmet must be securely fastened before touching your bike and you must not undo your helmet until your bike is racked after the cycle; the BTF race official will award time penalties for violation of this rule.


After racking your bike exit transition onto the run. The run route is fully way marked out and back with marshals positioned at key points. Water stations will also be positioned at key points.


All finishers will receive a specially designed medal this year.


A first aid station will be available near to the transition area.  Could you please ensure that you have filled out the information on the reverse of your race number. If you have any medical condition that the first aiders should be aware of, could you please put a small red cross of the front of your race number so in the event of any issues they will know instantly to check your details on the reverse of your race number.


Sports Sunday will be supplying photography coverage for the event and a link to these images will be supplied with the event results.


This will be updated closer to the event on the event website.


Marshals will be positioned around the route for your safety and are giving up their Saturday to do so please be nice and show your appreciation for our volunteers.

Good luck!!

 We hope you have a safe and enjoyable event and see you all again for the 2018 Bass Tri.

Please see the pages below for a checklist of requirements to help you have a successful event.

Dear competitor  


Hope you don’t find this checklist too insulting but you would be amazed how often competitors arrive with only one wheel, no wetsuit, no goggles or in one case no bike at all!  All the items here, believe it or not, are items which we have been asked for on the day over the 5 years the event has been running.    


First of all the new stuff  


·       Number belt 


You will only be given one number for you to wear. This must be worn on the back for the bike and the front for the run. There will be bike and helmet stickers but only one personal number so a number belt is essential. 


·       Cleaned wetsuit 


For biosecurity and to maintain our sanction on the lake for the event with The National Parks Authority we must ask you to have cleaned your wetsuit prior to arrival for reasons of biosecurity. This may sound obvious but please don’t wash it on the morning of the event or you will struggle to get it on if its still damp.  


You will also be asked to wash your suit in the designated area on leaving transition to ensure you do not take any of the invasive weed species with you. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this.    


Other stuff      

Check  √ 



Wheels (both)  


Shoes Running  


Shoes Cycling  




Goggles ( swim hat will be provided)  


Transition box/bag (inc towel etc) 


Trisuit ( top and bottom halves!) 




Number belt  


Rear light (in case of poor weather)  


Pump/track pump 



We are hoping to have bike maintenance available on site so we can help with any problems you may have on the day.  


Hope this helps 


Bass Tri   


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